misc lit

To the reader: the following is original intellectual property; it would be entirely unfair of me to expect you not to put your name on it and call it your own- If you do, make sure you add something cool to it

I am an owner of an iPhone. It hit me the other day when I left the phone in my friends car that I cant live a day without the stupid device. I put my life on the device. It is the device I rely on. Everything from my bank account records, passport information, email, text messages, social networking, my favorite games you name it, its there. Even my homework assignments and class schedule are on it. I didn’t know what class to go to without my phone. What the hell? All of these applications on the phone are meant to simplify life. It is even further imaginable that technology may provide most of the answers you are looking for, ie Google. I realized that there will never be and never can be a “bullshit” application. We all know what bullshit is and it cant be recreated. Its like trying to paint an exact replica of the Mona Lisa, or that one drink that you once mixed at your friend’s party. Bullshit is also known as creativity and imagination and can never be emulated by technology. Humanity’s last, last strive for hope in this technologically driven world we are going into is Bullshit. It is something man or machine can ever take away from you. Bullshit is the essence of our existence.

There are people who go their entire lives lying on resumes and cheating on things that they should be doing honestly, all in the attempts of making a life for themselves which they would deem worthy of the title of success. What is success? Is it something that is obtainable by the powers of bullshit and manipulation , or is it something that must be earned through self-satisfaction achieved by a sense of earning by means of honesty and hard work. Is this type of bullshit a means to a happy ending? Or is it merely a path to unsatisfaction and personal demise? Does your conscience play a role? Is it possible to set aside the morale we are told to have, only for selfish ulterior motives?

Bullshit requires good acting. Some of the best actors can literally create elaborate stories on the spot and make you believe them by using simple tactics. This ability is in all of us. It is up to us as people with a conscience to use this power wisely. We have power. There are clearly ramifications to this power. If somebody were to lie say, about trying a certain thing to gain the attention of someone they were trying to manipulate and someone overheard it; the overhearing person may be compelled to try the thing. Now there are many circumstances to which this can be applied. I cant necessarily think of anything right now, but I can assure that this vignette will challenge some of these things in the court of public opinion.


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