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Thom Yorke clearly has a thing for crowd manipulation. The other night I was at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles California and spotted his face on the large LCD screen overlooking the walk. His face was speaking the lyrics of No Surprises. A few walked by and acknowledged the song not really paying attention to it. I stood there and looked at it in awe. Yorke made Orwell’s prediction of the future come true. At that moment I realized, there were billions of people in the world who could potentially be watching the exact same thing on screens at any moment. We are living in a fucked up, basterdized version of 1984. Mind you, only the countries who have decided to fall into the culture of our modern day role models who just happen to be our artists. As an artist is it my duty to implement and control what the rest of society holds dear to their heart? I don’t know if Im comfortable with so much power.

I just downloaded Thom’s new independent album “The Eraser”. Im curious to see where he takes it.


BEST NEW BAND OF 2010!!! Dont miss any of the shows, view their myspace page, just listen to the song


So I was reading some of my facebooks page updates an came across this update from Mr. Joel Thomas Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5).Generally the artists of the world are very critical of their surroundings. Mr. Zimmerman does not prove to be different.

If towns were named by Deadmau5:
1. Calabadass
2. Can’ta Monica
3. Burbunk
4. Sherman Jokes
5. Shatsworth
6. Failbrook
7. Hollywouldn’t
8. Studio Shitty
9. Culver Shitty
10. Shoup da ave
11. Beverly Kills, Dinglewood
12. Riverside… motherfucker
13. Thousand Pokes
14. Cuntington Beeyatch
15. Hoodland Hills
16. Westflake
17. Suckramento
18. fres NO
19. San Burnandino
20. Incompeton
21. Ox Nards
22. Downey Syndrome
23. Fakewood
24. Bel Scare


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