Entertainment Industry

(Continued from, “Roxy Show”, “Rue-Lynx”)

…going wild on amps and the microphone stands. This was by-far the best show they’ve ever done with their biggest audience to date. “It takes a great band to work with horrible audio problems” (Ray Springheld). Sure they could’ve been booed and they could have stopped playing, but the band stuck together as a team through the technical difficulties. They left the audience in the dust despite following rock legend Brian Ray!!! (The guitarist for Paul McCartney). DONT MISS THEIR NEXT SHOW




On my way to school, for the past few years of my life I have always passed by those people that are exercising early in the morning. They look like really healthy, happy people, I want to be ‘that guy’ how could getting up early in the morning really hurt. On a further note, I’m deciding to explore getting up earlier and doing things.

So I was up early this morning right? And the first thing that I do, light up a cigarette and turn on the TV. This is almost natural to me. I tune the television channel to Comedy Central. I watch an episode of South Park where the kids in the program decide to change the word ‘fag’ in the dictionary from referring to gays to loud, annoying people riding motorcycles. Funny. I enjoy the social commentary in the show. I believe that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are geniuses disguising their cynical views of society in comedy. Then this Josh.O guy appears. I HATE THIS GUY. It’s his stupid, self-righteous attitude that just gets on my nerves. I want to punch this guy in the face, and I’m not normally an aggressive person. His show just steals other’s videos and just rips them to shreds. HE DOES NOTHING. HE HAD NO COMEDICAL TALENT!!!

So I go to the gym, run, work out, stretch a bit and go swimming. Good stuff. I can now officially say that I am, that guy.


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