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Axe corporation sets society on fire

When you go to the supermarket, do yo know what’s in the products that you buy? Well, Im sure you don’d this same concept applies to axe bodyspray, the heavily marketed “deodorant equivalent”.

I’m sure the consumer fails to implent their good sense and read the fucking label. In their commercials they reach the super-egos of men and woman on a sub-conscious level. They advertise that if you use their product you will have the opposite sex burn with sexual desire for you. This burning is far different from the sexual stigma it proposes. Axe is highly flamable. Seriously, if you hold up a match or lighter to it, you can make a flame torch. I don’t know about you, but spraying scented, flammable chemicals all over myself doesn’t
seem that appealing. Imagine someone spraying it all over their body and then somehow generating static electricity from their clothing and spontaneously combusting. If I saw it, I would laugh. The joke’s on him, not only do a lot of people find the scent of axe repulsive, but the freaking guy is on fire!! Shit man!! I’m on fire!! Ill sue them!! Sure go ahead and try to sue, nothing will happen. After all, it is the consumer’s ‘response-ability’ to read the label. responsibility (the ability to respond properly)


Cynics n such by Deadmau5

Posted: June 23, 2010 in cynical, music news

So I was reading some of my facebooks page updates an came across this update from Mr. Joel Thomas Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5).Generally the artists of the world are very critical of their surroundings. Mr. Zimmerman does not prove to be different. He basically took names of Los Angeles County cities and changed them:
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