Strange Happenings

Posted: June 19, 2010 in random happenings
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I was on the metro headed for a dinner thing. I get onto the bus. Sport-jacket and jeans carrying my mac laptop case. Only standing room. People sit on the outside seat, clearly selfishly declaring both seats their own. I guess I understand, one seat is hardly big enough for one person.

We started talking about music and this was the name of a song he said that he wrote.

“Happiness from Solace”

Solace is sweet reprieve. Solace is aloneness and sadness. Solace is finding the essence of your soul. Solace is not having another person present. To find happiness from such desolation must be difficult. It is possible. But, it has its price.

So we got to talking and this is part of a future song lyric of his:

“You can fall asleep on your hand but its still not someone elses”. –

I dont know his name- nor do I ever think Ill ever run into such a person again

That is all-



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