Cafe’ Du Monde

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

2 June 2010

Im at the Café Du Monde in New Orleans. Lights.

French Quarter. People. Laughing. Peoples face jolly with redness after a few drinks.

Even warmer in the hot humid new Orleans weather. Taxis going by. Chatter. Someone smoking a cigar. Someone smoking in public. Safe to say that this is a giant tourist attraction. T shirts on the fucking menu? Do tourists ruin an area? Do they make it illegitimate? Does the fact that the café itself has a menu which includes tshirts? T shirts? A souvenir? That’s it what a fucking rip I could go to a fucking in and out and get a t shirt. What makes this place special? Maybe it’s the fact that you can do something like that? That it is clearly relatable to people.

That it did have a special episode of the travel network dedicated to it. I can go to someone who had been in New Orleans before and mention the place and they might actually know what Im talking about- Relate- ability. Social proof. Isn’t social proof one of the most important things in an establishment such as this?

Yeah seriously- I feel like the douche bag typing on his laptop in the café- Yeah Im the artsy indie guy pretending like he’s cool or something- Society, that’s what its all about. You have to cater to their needs- You have to give people what they want or else you’ll get no where. Placation? Is that all that it takes- Just a little bit of bullshit? Yeah I think so

. Who the fuck knows? Is it the tourists behind me, the tourists in front of me the tourists around me? I just offered to pay the bill- Everyone said no- I guess that sort of placation doesn’t work at all. What the fuck? Why didn’t that work. It was an act of incerity trying to be nice or something. Such an empty answer something so insignificant something that doesn’t affect anything. Forgotten yet I remember that I made the offer and nobody took it. I made the offer. Maybe in life that’s the only thing that anybody can really do. To make the offer. To put yourself out there and hope to get a response. To hope that people will accept the offer and be grateful. Its almost like a slap in the face for the other people to turn down the offer. Well screw them. I put myself out there and that was the only thing that I could do-

Lee Decker

Dek’d 2010

New Orleans

Café Du Monde’


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